Conférence DYLIS - Jim Cummins

Language, Identity, and Integration: The Role of Education in Building Healthy Societies in an Era of Migration

Jim Cummins
Professeur des universités
University of Toronto
Educational policies implemented in countries around the world typically reflect a mixture of societal ideologies and research evidence regarding effective instruction. Unfortunately, in a global era of unprecedented migration, societal ideologies relating to national identity tend to take precedence over research evidence. In various European and North American contexts, research that is inconsistent with dominant ideologies is routinely dismissed and/or ignored. Research evidence regarding the cognitive and personal benefits of home language development among migrant students is one example. The presentation will review the research evidence regarding the educational achievement of children from immigrant backgrounds and the educational conditions that promote success in school. It will be argued that effective educational policies require a genuine dialogue between ideology and research rather than a dismissal of research that challenges ideological assumptions.
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Lundi, 29 janvier 2018 -
14:00 à 16:00

Amphithéâtre de la maison de l'Université

Place Emile Blondel